6 Best Antivirus Apps for iPhone and iPad

Although it may not feel like it, your iPhone or iPad device is actually a computer. Sure, it fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s easier to use than a computer, but it’s still a computer.

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And just like any other computer, you should take measures to protect your iDevice against theft, malicious software, and data loss. The applications in this list should help you to combat all of these threats, and much more. Let’s take a look.

I feel like I should note something before we delve into the nitty-gritty of these applications. It’s impossible for your iPhone or iPad to be afflicted by “viruses” as your desktop computer would be. Unless you have a jailbroken device, it is impossible to run an application on your system that would actually damage it.

Applications are the equivalent to .exe files on a computer, and applications are only able to run on you device if they have been pre-approved by Apple. However, there are still several other ways that your security could be compromised while you use your iDevice.

6. Trend Micro Mobile Security – $23.99/yr

Shelling out $23.99 for an app may seem a little ridiculous to some people, but I think that $23.99 is well
worth the peace of mind that comes with a secure iDevice. Trend Micro Mobile Security is an efficient app, with several different features that can be used to protect your iDevice from phishing attempts, privacy violations, and identity theft.

Trend Micro Mobile Security performs a few key functions to protect your device in these ways. One of the easiest ways to fall victim of fraud, phishing attempts, or identity theft is via Internet ads. While you’re browsing through Safari, you may have a pop-up ad appear that claims to be from Paypal, saying that you need to IMMEDIATELY sign in to view recent transactions, to confirm whether or not you made them. When you fill in this information, your Paypal login information is stolen, and your real account is promptly hacked.

These kinds of fraudulent advertisements are very common on the Internet. Trend Micro Mobile Security protects you from them, by scanning a web page as it loads and telling you whether or not the web page is linked to fraudulent activities. The app will let you sign into your real Paypal account, but when you go to sign into a scam webpage, it will notify you that the website is a scam immediately.

If you’re hesitant to purchase a license for the security solution, Trend Micro Mobile Security offers a free 30-day trial. Simply download the free app, and your premium trial begins. See whether or not you like it, and determine whether or not it’s the right antivirus application for you.

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